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Rays 3, Twins 0

Kevin Correia didn't pitch that bad. There. There's your silver lining.

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The Twins home struggles continued on Friday night, as they dropped another game to a playoff contender that plays in a shitty stadium that no one in their right mind would go to.  Instead of Oakland, though, tonight's victor was Tampa Bay, as the Rays shutout the Twins 3-0.

Tampa starter Chris Archer handcuffed the Twins for the first six innings, allowing just three hits, striking out seven and walking no one.  Dickandbert were practically begging the Twins to swing the bat on a couple of called third strikes, but given the Triple-A nature of the lineup, it seems odd to think that the result would have been any different except for the breeze caused by the bat missing the ball.

Meanwhile, Kevin Correia wasn't really that terrible.  The Rays first run scored thanks to Clete Thomas misplaying a Wil Myers fly ball that was scored a double.  Myers would come around to score the first run.  The Rays would add single runs in the 3rd and 7th before Correia exited the game.  Hey, three runs in six innings is great at this point.  I'm going to celebrate any Kevin Correia start like that, and so should you, since the Twins are on the hook for $5,000,000 more of him in 2014.

The Twins offense sucked. The end.

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News you can use

  • As pointed out by Seth Kaplan, Trevor Plouffe was the highest-paid player in the Twins' starting nine tonight, at $520,000 for 2013.
  • The Twins hitters had 10+ strikeouts for the 55th game tonight.  I already said they sucked, but just so you know I had my reasons.
  • It's also the 12th time they've been shut out.  Like I said.
Enjoy your weekend, everybody.