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Twins at White Sox: News and Notes

My God, how long is this season?

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports


  • Tonight, 7:10pm, FSN: Liam Hendriks vs Erik Johnson
  • Tuesday, 7:10pm, FSN: Mike Pelfrey vs Jose Quintana
  • Wednesday, 1:10pm, NO TV: Scott Diamond vs John Danks

Side note: I checked, and contrary to my guess, the Twins are playing just 162 games this season, not 435.

White Sox Notes

  • Chicago is comfortably five games behind the Cubs for the third pick in the draft, and given a losing streak and a Marlins winning streak, could conceivably catch the Marlins, who are only three games behind the Sox. (I don't think anybody is catching Houston, which could lose #100 as soon as tomorrow.)
  • On the flip side, Chicago is fully six and a half behind Minnesota, so anything other than a Sox sweep this weekend and you can probably lock up fourth for the Twins, as well.
  • After a long rain delay Sunday, the Sox are offering fans free tickets next April. As someone who sat out the Twins' rain delay on Saturday, I'd just like to say I will accept a free ticket for my troubles.
  • Apparently the Sox were all set to draft an American Idol winner as a publicity stunt. As publicity for what, I can't say; maybe they're just trying to let people know about this new franchise in town called the White Sox. You know? The Sox? No, they're not the ones with the cool ballpark and the fun neighborhood. They're the other ones.

Twins Notes

  • This is the Twins' final road trip of the year. The weird thing about this year is that Minnesota has been better on the road (33-41) than at home (31-43).
  • If you haven't seen it, watch Josmil Pinto's game-winning home run on Sunday. Listen to the excitement in Dick Bremer's voice, and remember a time that excitement meant something, and get nostalgic for a season past, really any season other than this one.
  • Also, a word here: be sure to thank your favorite beat writers for this season. At this point their jobs consist of nothing but drudgery and answering questions from impossibly-angry fans, so if nothing else, spare a thought for them now, because you'll hate them for getting to go to spring training next February.
  • The Twins are evaluating Alex Presley in center field, presumably to see if he can fill the fourth outfielder role that was filled by pretty much everyone in the organization at some point this season.