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White Sox 4, Twins 3: Twins Anemic Offense Fails Again (Surprise!)

Mike Pelfrey lasted only 4.1 innings and gave up 3 earned runs--but come on! That's a lot better than Liam Hendrick's 7 runs on 0.2 innings, right? Wait, no, stop crying!

Almost like synchronized swimming.
Almost like synchronized swimming.
Brian Kersey

Sure, Twins starter Mike Pelfrey gave up three runs and only lasted 4.1 innings. That's not very impressive, but come on guys beggars can't be choosers. It was certainly a much better performance than last night's Liam Hendriks, who gave up 7 runs in 0.2 innings.

Unfortunately, however, with the way the offense was (is?), Pelfrey will be labeled the clunker. After all, he put the Twins in this 3-run hole that was just absolutely impossible for any team the Twins to climb out of.

The White Sox scored the first run of the night in the 2nd inning on an RBI single by Marcus Semien. Chicago then pumped out two more runs in the 5th inning, when Alexi Ramieriz doubled home Alejandro De Aza and scored on a Pedro Florimon semi-bobbled ball. The score was then 3 to 1--and the Sox only added on.

The silver lining for the Twins is that Mike Pelfrey was able to get his 6th stike out of the game off Adam Dunn, which is the least surprising thing ever. Paul Konerko was able to knock Pelf from the game in the bottom of the 6th, however, after which Brian Duensing came in as a substitute and did rather well. In fact, all the relievers did rather well--except Josh Roenicke, who gave up one run (which, as a Twins fan, barely makes a bleep on my richter scale). Otherwise none gave up any runs.

Unfortunately... that's enough to lose the game for the 2013 Twins, which ended 4-3.


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