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Game 153: Twins @ Athletics

The seven of you left watching this team? This is for you. We love you.

First Pitch: 9:05pm CDT


Radio: K-Twin, TIBN

Know Thine Enemy: Athletics Nation

Lineups (courtesy Mike Berardino, @mlblineups)


  1. Presley CF
  2. Herrmann C
  3. Dozier 2B
  4. Arcia RF
  5. Hammer DH
  6. GENE 1B
  7. Ed Escobar 3B
  8. Clete LF
  9. Pete Florimon SS


  1. Crisp CF
  2. Donaldson 3B
  3. Lowrie SS
  4. Cespedes DH
  5. Norris C
  6. Young LF
  7. Callaspo 2B
  8. Reddick RF
  9. Barton 1B

Enjoy the game, everybody.