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Game 155: Twins at A's

Can the Twins avoid the sweep AND force Oakland to wait one more day for their division title?

First Pitch: 3:05pm CDT


Radio: K-Twin, TIBN, BOB FM

Know Thine Enemy: Athletics Nation

Twins: Presley (CF), Dozier (2B), Plouffe (3B), Arcia (LF), Pinto (DH), Parmelee (1B), Mastroianni (RF), Florimon (SS), Fryer (C)

De Vries (P)

A's: Crisp (CF), Lowrie (SS), Donaldson (3B), Moss (LF), Cespedes (DH), Reddick (RF), Barton (1B), Vogt (C), Sogard (2B)

Gray (P)