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Nonexistent TV shows that would draw higher ratings than the Twins

A few selections from the long list of television shows that would probably draw better ratings than the final week of the Twins season.

Thearon W. Henderson

1. Ron Gardenhire's BodyShape

34. Shouting! with Mike Lupica

79. The Million-Second NASCAR Quiz

110. Carissa Explains It All For Like The Fiftieth Time, Moron

147. Up Close: The Dangers of Elective Surgery

164: Paul Allen Of KFAN Just Stares Into the Camera Until You Feel Dirty And Unsure Of Your Place In The Cosmos

198. How I Met Your Podiatrist

213. Ricky Rubio's Adorable Cuteness Hour

242. Discovery Channel Marathon: Here's More Random Stuff Blowing Up, You Plebeian Simpletons

273. This Week In Projectile Vomiting

312. Lifetime Movie of the Week - Fluffy: The Bartolo Colon Story

342: QVC Late Night: How Much For This Handful Of Slop?

339. Wide World of Bandy

393. VH1's 25 Sexiest Phils #12: Donahue

410. How Did Skip Bayless Get On TV Again, Somebody Do Something

473. Jim Souhan Decides Your Life

539. TLC Prime Time: Let's Punch A Scientist In The Face

558. Drinking, Crying, and Typing: Inside the Life of a Twins Beat Writer