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Tuesday Morning Twins: Winding Down the Season

Well, at least that was fun.
Well, at least that was fun.
Hannah Foslien

Good morning! Here are some links for today:

  • Terry Ryan did a group Q&A with Twin Cities reporters yesterday after announcing Joe Mauer has died. (RIP Joe Mauer, you will be missed.)
  • Over at Rant Sports, David Miller has some suggestions for how the small-market Twins could return to winning form, noting that the "Kansas City Royals are a great model for the Twins to follow."
  • Some good news: Alex Meyer--the pitching prospect the Twins got for Denard Span--is back in action after missing nearly three months with a messed up shoulder.
  • Cody Christie at North Dakota Twins Fan takes a look at the possible managerial candidates for the Twins next year. Doug "I'm Going To Tackle You" Mientkiewicz isn't among them.
  • Something was a little off about the A's division-clinching celebration after they beat the Twins last Sunday.