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Tigers 1, Twins 0: I Think This Means the Twins Aren't Making the Playoffs?

Maaaaannnnnnn--screw Torii Hunter! J/K (not really).

WE STILL WON GAME 163!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WE STILL WON GAME 163!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hannah Foslien

Max Scherzer might have two different colored eyes, but he apparently has one style of pitching--which is domination. The Twins only got two hits off the big Scherz, predictably then losing the game and witnessing the second team this week celebrate their division clinching title from across the field.

For what it's worth, Kevin Correia did awesome in his last start of the season, going 7 innings and giving up seven hits--but only one earned run in the 1st inning, which unfortunately was the game loser. And that run? It was driven-in by none other than former Twins "heart-throb" Torii Hunter. Seriously--can we stop cheering for this guy when he pounds the Twins into the sand? It's killing me. Really.

Torii Hunter's 1st inning RBI was, in-fact, the only run scored in this ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE game. The high point for the Twins is that they drew six walks from Scherzer--his season-high. The low point is that the Twins never managed to score, going 0-for-5 with runners in scoring position. Even when Chris Hermann walked to first base, and Darin Mastroianni bunted Hermann to second. The Twins, of course, did not score.


Life sucks, and then you die.


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