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GameThread: Twins vs. Indians, Game 161

Can this season be Old Yeller'd yet?

Jason O. Watson

First Pitch: 12:05 pm CST


Radio: 96.3 KTWN, TIBN

Know Thine Enemy: Let's Go Tribe

Edit:'s Rhett Bollinger tweeted that the start of the game will be delayed, perhaps to 1 pm.

Edit 2: Yeah, that 1 pm start ain't happening.

Today's weather isn't looking great, but with the Indians fighting for a playoff spot, I'm sure the umpiring crew will do whatever they can to get this game in. Expect some sloppy baseball!

Cole De Vries (0-1, 11.70)

I'll be honest, I thought that Cole De Vries pitched better than people gave him credit for last season. Nevertheless, this year has gone about as poorly as one could expect, as De Vries got hurt at the beginning of the year, had a 7 ERA in Triple-A, and is pushing double digits with his ERA in 3 appearances this year. He's had as many home runs allowed as strikeouts (5) in 10 innings, and oddly enough his excellent control has deserted him as he's walked 8 batters as well. Although this is his 4th appearance, it's only his 2nd start this year, and his first one 6 days ago against the A's was disastrous as he gave up 6 runs in only 2 innings.

De Vries throws a 4-seam fastball, 2-seam fastball, change-up, slider, and curve. In his career, FanGraphs has rated his 4-seamer as his best pitch... when it's not being hit out of the park, that is.

Scott Kazmir (9-9, 4.14)

Kazmir is putting the final touches on his excellent comeback after being terrible and out of the majors for the past 4 years. He earned the 5th starter's spot for the Indians out of spring training, but he's pitched more like a middle-of-the-rotation starter as he's averaging nearly a strikeout per inning and has an ERA near 4. Another encouraging sign for him is that his walk rate is at a career low and he's throwing his fastball with the same velocity as when he was 21 years old with the (then) Devil Rays in 2005.

Kazmir is pretty much a 3-pitch pitcher, throwing a 4-seam fastball, slider, and change-up. Like De Vries, his fastball is rated as his best pitch.