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Indians 5, Twins 1: Cleveland Clinches Wild Card Spot as Jimenez Dominates Minnesota

It's a fitting end to the season.

Hannah Foslien
"The Twins suck. The season is over. Come back next spring."

- Twins guru, Ali Anderson

Even when there were things to play for down the stretch, the Minnesota Twins couldn't pull out of their late season tailspin. The team was 8-20 in September, and won their last series the second through the fourth when taking three o four from the Astros. The last three series saw the Twins facing three teams fighting for post-season spots and went 1-10, allowing all three organizations to clinch their October berths.

Minnesota was 1-for-6 with runners in scoring position, but that hardly seems to tell any kind of a story by this point, other than "this team really doesn't have a lot of talent right now". Ubaldo Jimenez deserves all the credit in the world, and that's really all I care to say on the subject.

Because, really...did anyone even watch this game? I didn't. I was in London watching the Vikings. And when I start to feel bad about that, I just stop. You can't hurt me anymore, 2013 Minnesota Twins.

I'll see you all back here tomorrow, where we start to rebuild our semblance of self-belief and self-determination. We'll get through this. Together.

Let's hug it out.