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Lew Ford: "Can't Hardly Wait" For His One Hall of Fame Vote in 2017

He hopes to join former teammate Jacque Jones in the exclusive "one and done" club.

they're not booing
they're not booing
J. Meric

While some were outraged that former Twin Jacque Jones received a Hall of Fame vote on Thursday, one notable person was thrilled: his former teammate Lew Ford.

"Heck yeah, that's terrific. I can't hardly wait to join him one day."

Ford, who played for the Twins from 2003 to 2007, will be eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2017, and thinks, like Jones, he's done just enough to get that one single vote for Cooperstown before falling off the ballot.

"Have I got the numbers to be a one-and-doner like Jacque? Well, I don't want to toot my own horn, but I was up for MVP consideration in 2004. That's gotta be more than enough right there."

Ford finished 24th in the American League MVP race in 2004, receiving two points, tying him with noteworthy players like Hideki Matsui and Travis Hafner.

Meanwhile, area baseball writers say they're ready and able to be totally outraged and outraged-at-the-outrage when he gets his vote.

"When that one vote for Lew comes in, and Barry Bonds and Mike Piazza are still on the ballot? I will snark those motherfuckers into the ground," said one blogger who asked not to be identified. "If they thought I was unfair and sanctimonious before, brother, it's gonna be a bloodbath."

A source close to local beat writers said the feeling is mutual.

"This trust, this sacred trust, their burden and yoke, and some nerd is going to get on his computer in a room located below ground level at his mother's house and tell them they're doing it wrong? It's unseemly," said the source.

Meanwhile, Ford said this potential vote would not be the most gratifying moment of his career.

"My Wikipedia page finally corrected that whole shirt-ironing thing. I NEVER IRONED MY SHIRT WHILE WEARING IT. This'll be pretty cool, though."