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Who Am I: Twins Career Leaders in Doubles (1961-2013)

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

In the past we've set this up in a way that means you'd have to guess in the comments, but this time around we're going to try something different: we're all racing against time. Against the game clock, yes, but also against each other.

Below is a game I created over at Sporcle. Yes, that's a thing. It's your job to list the ten players with the most doubles in franchise history (just counting the Twins, not the Senators). I've given you the number of doubles and two minutes - your job is to simply type in names. If the name is on the list, it will automatically populate and you can try again.

If the game doesn't display accurately for you, or if you'd like to take the quiz over at Sporcle, just click here.

Good luck!