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Wednesday Links: More Substitute Teaching, Tipping Pitches, Home Injuries, and Piazza

You'd hide your face too if you suffered the same mishap as Derek Holland.
You'd hide your face too if you suffered the same mishap as Derek Holland.
Sarah Glenn

Only ten more days before we learn which teams have placed a bid on Japanese righty Masahiro Tanaka, and the Twins may be one of those teams.

Psst. This means you should do something interesting, Twins.

  • Of course you remember the hubbub when we learned prospect Alex Meyer was a substitute teacher. But what if other baseball players were subs? Azure Texan (I'm guessing that's a pseudonym) imagines exactly that and the results are pretty funny.
  • John Axford used to be the closer for the Milwaukee Brewers until ineffectiveness pushed him out of the role, and then he was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals last year saddled with a 4.45 ERA. However, he turned things around in a big way, earning a 1.74 ERA for the rest of the year with the Cardinals, and now we know why. The Cardinals coaching staff pointed out that Axford had been tipping his pitches, and Jason Collette of FanGraphs shows us how Axford was revealing his pitches and what he did to fix it.
  • Derek Holland suffered a knee injury at home, leading to microfracture surgery, and it turns out he is the latest member of the "Weird Home Injuries" club. The culprit? Getting knocked over by his dog on the stairs.
  • A common narrative among Hall of Fame voters regarding Mike Piazza was that he was a player that was aided by steroids, and thus should not belong to the Hall. However, Dan Lewis of Amazin' Avenue points out that Piazza always was a power hitter, it's just that some people are choosing to create their own narrative to match their opinions of Piazza.