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BREAKFAST LINKS: Doldrums, Vernon Wells, Robin Yount Limeade, Replay, The Walkmen

"I have a very particular set of skills, Doreen. Those skills are entirely based around my lifelong love of model trains. Quit laughing at me like I'm some stamp-collecting turd, Doreen. It's a legitimate hobby. Go to hell."

you may not recognize phil cuzzi when he's not fucking shit up
you may not recognize phil cuzzi when he's not fucking shit up
Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Soundtrack: "Subterranean Homesick Blues (cover of Nilsson's cover of Dylan)" The Walkmen

  • There's a whole lot of nothin' to report here. Seriously. I looked. There's nothing going on. The Winter Caravan is in full swing. Did you, the reader, go to any of the events? Please, share your experiences in the comment section. Because, Christ, there is shit-all to link to, Twins-wise, so please enjoy the following general interest items.
  • The Yankees released Vernon Wells. Any team that picks him up only has to pay the veteran's minimum. Do you have any interest in taking a flyer on him? Is he cooked? I don't know!
  • While all of you were losing your shit about Wisconsin-exclusive New Glarus beers, you never once told me about Robin Yount's line of Wisco-only lemon and lime ades. Thanks a lot, jerks. They are called Robinade, because duh. (h/t David Roth)
  • Oh, hey, they totally approved instant replay for the baseballs this year. The key takeaways: managers get one challenge per game; they get another one if the first challenge is successful; from the 7th inning on, crew chiefs can initiate a review; all reviews will be made by a group of umpires based in a New York City command center, probably in the Statue of Liberty's crown or something; all replays can be shown on the in-stadium scoreboards, no exceptions; and Phil Cuzzi still sucks.