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BREAKING: "Joe Mauer Nice" Is Actually a Thing

Thanks, Internet!


We like to have some fun with the personalities of our Twins, and perhaps no one more so than Joe Mauer. He's calm on the field, he's cool off the field, he loves his mom, he's quintessentially Minnesotan in all the ways of which we're secretly proud. But nobody is actually that nice.

Then today, this happened.

"Like Joe Mauer nice." Says Trevor Plouffe.

I'm sure Soup is a great guy and just as nice as Trevor thinks he is, but for me the focus of this tweet is the evolution of the "Joe Mauer, Good Guy" meme. We all were kind of joking when we'd crack wise about Joe being tentative about stepping up to chocolate milk or not wanting to disappoint his parents or being so nice it hurts. We did it earlier today. But no. Even in the Twins clubhouse, "Joe Mauer nice" is a real thing.

And that's just kind of awesome. No matter how lame this commercial is.