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Wednesday Morning Links: A-Rod, Brohio, Tanaka, Instant Replay, and #30Parks30Days

Hannah Foslien

TwinsFest is nearly upon us! I'll have some more news about it today.

  • Alex Rodriguez has been suspended for 162 games, and apparently the MLB Players Association wanted to remove A-Rod... except it can't. So what's the next best thing? How about deliberately throwing bean balls at him?
  • The Cleveland Indians named part of their seating area "Brohio" after signing Nick Swisher last year, and now they're looking for a Governor. The Indians have narrowed it down to four choices, and you can check them out here. By the way, it took me far longer than it should have to learn that this name is pronounced just like "Ohio."
  • Apparently five teams have made offers to Japanese righty Masahiro Tanaka, though I can't tell if this means that only five teams will be competing for his services or if this is the number of teams in the mix to start. Also, shouldn't we know the teams that made the maximum $20 million bid first before we start discussing which teams are offering him a contract?
  • Instant replay has been approved, and the best part is that we'll finally get close plays shown on the video boards in ballparks.
  • Finally, I have a dream of doing a 30 ballpark trip in 60 days, but Will Leitch of Sports on Earth went a step further and planned out a 30 ballpark, 30 day trip at the beginning of this season. It involves flying around the country, and impressively he managed to do it with roughly the same amount of money as my trip's estimate (adjusting for the fact he left out the cost for food).