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BREAKFAST LINKS: Mystery Player, Arroyo, Albers, Courtney Barnett

"I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed, Kaitlyn. When I say 'it needs to have scrubbing bubbles,' it needs to have scrubbing bubbles. Dammit."


Soundtrack: "History Eraser," Courtney Barnett

Good morning!

  • At last night's Minnesota Twins Diamond Awards, the ever-enterprising Doogie got a minor scoop from Ron Gardenhire, who said Rob Antony had told him the Twins were going to "make another run at a guy" in free agency.  Who is that guy?  Doogie later tweeted that Minnesota was still in contact with Bronson Arroyo, which would seem like a likely candidate, given the team's previous interest.  If you'd prefer that the mystery player be a position player, speculate away.
  • Terry Ryan confirmed to LEN3 at said awards that the Twins were working to facilitate the Andrew Albers-to-Korea transaction. Mike Berardino says the deal should be completed over the weekend.
  • Berardino also notes that area mustache enthusiast Jack Morris may return to the Twins broadcast fold this season.
  • Final bit from the awards: Brian Dozier and his hair were named Most Improved and Media Good Guy. How will Glen Perkins handle the latter snub?
  • Update from yesterday, via friend-of-the-blog Steve Adams: the Garza-to-Brewers deal is still not complete.  Not sure what the hold-up is.