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Ron Davis Says Mets Mishandling Son Ike's Roster Situation, Makes No Effort to Apologize to Me Personally

In an interview with the New York Daily News, the former Twin talked about Ike's situation, did not say "I'm sorry, Stu" once. Some typical Ron Davis BULLSHIT.

I don't like your dad
I don't like your dad
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Ron Davis, father of New York Mets first baseman Ike Davis and former relief pitcher for the Minnesota Twinstold the New York Daily News that the Mets had badly mishandled trade discussions involving his son this offseason, but he made no effort to apologize to me, Stu, for blowing save after save during my childhood.

The Mets have been interested in moving the younger Davis, 26, and the process has riled the elder Davis, who said the team had "backed themselves into a corner" with the public nature of the discussions.  He appeared to offer zero contrition to me for cocking up two of the four Twins games I attended during his tenure, like some sort of asshole.

The former major leaguer was in New York for a fundraiser, and his comments came on the heels of his son's own remarks about being disappointed in how the process was playing out.  Ike did not say anything about the time his father gave up a home run to JAMIE FUCKING FUCKING QUIRK in 1984 to permanently dash the Twins' pennant hopes that year.

In the Daily News story, Ron claims that this ordeal has likely been a learning experience for his son about baseball being a business, and related it to his own experiences being traded and cut by multiple teams.  He did not expand on those remarks by saying he deserved much, much worse and admitting he should probably be in jail or something, because he is a monster.