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Twins to Interview Alomar; Hardy Extended

Add Sandy Alomar, Jr., to the list of people being interviewed by Terry Ryan.

Jason Miller

As we received confirmation on one name previously attached to the Twins' managerial opening, a new name surfaced on Thursday as well.

Rosenthal's tweet arrived on the same day that Rochester Red Wings beat writer Jim Mandalero confirmed that their manager, Gene Glynn, had interviewed for the position.

Knowing approximately zero about what Terry Ryan is thinking as far as the hiring process goes, it seems like the Glynn interview is a courtesy being done for a member of the organization in good standing, while the Alomar news sounds like the team really is looking to make a clean break from the Tom Kelly/Ron Gardenhire regime.

(When it turns out that Alomar was interviewed to satisfy the minority hiring requirement and the Twins hire Glynn or another in-house guy, feel free to print this out, crumple it, and throw it at me while laughing.)

Alomar is the current bench coach for Cleveland, and prior to that played two friggin' decades of pro ball, with six All-Star nods.  I can say that this is the first name that's really piqued my interest, but again, I'm an idiot.

Elsewhere, the ALCS-bound Baltimore Orioles, who everyone will hate if they beat the Royals then everyone will love if they beat the Cardinals/Giants, have extended shortstop J.J. Hardy to the tune of $40 million over three years.  Hardy, you may recall, was traded by the Twins to the Orioles for Jim Hoey, who is no longer in baseball, to make room for Tsuyoshi Nishioka, who is probably smoking a cigarette right now.