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Area Twins Fan Apologizes for Stagnant Payroll

"My lack of enthusiasm is at fault. The Twins deserve better."

I don't know if Ullger was at this press conference, but I am using his photo anyway.
I don't know if Ullger was at this press conference, but I am using his photo anyway.
Hannah Foslien

Michael King is 45, lives in Eagan with his wife and three children, and works as a financial consultant.   He would also like to let the Minnesota Twins know he's sorry.

"I've stopped going to games. This whole payroll thing? It's on me. Sorry guys."

King addressed his lack of accountability at a Thursday press conference at the Apple Valley Buffalo Wild Wings.

"I screwed up. At the time, with the information I had, it seemed like the correct path to take. I was wrong."

Recent media reports indicate that, with revenue falling from poor attendance, payroll will be restricted, despite a flood of incoming TV and internet revenue for a team in a publicly-financed stadium. King acknowledged his role in this, saying it was "a lapse in judgment."

"I had a full season ticket package when they opened Target Field," said King. "Took the whole family, took clients, sold some on StubHub for a nice chunk of change when I couldn't go. That first season was magical, so I re-upped right away. But then the losses started piling up, and I started to drift. Reduced it to a 20-game package in 2012, and they were just a clown car again. Kids were getting older and the novelty was gone for them anyway, so we didn't renew.

"Bad fan and a bad dad. I need to get this right."

King said he planned to buy a season-ticket package as soon as this weekend.

"One of the good ones, too, where they let you shake Tim Laudner's hand."

The lifelong fan said he's aware that the Twins are in no danger of going bankrupt without him, but he wants to set an example that other lapsed fans might follow.

"I know that cable and internet money is through the roof for the Twins and everyone else, but it's a team effort, and I need to do my part. If everyone else follows my lead, we'll get back to playing Twins baseball."

King said he wasn't worried that the Twins would stand pat on payroll even after his renewal.

"Despite all these things that I've done, they already said payroll won't fall significantly. Significantly! Those guys are the best. I won't let them down again."