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The Next Twins Manager Is...

We don't know the name of the next Twins manager. Here's what we do know.

Hannah Foslien

...still not announced.  (Sorry.)  Here's what we know:

  • The three finalists remaining, per multiple sources, are Paul Molitor, Torey Lovullo, and Dougie Baseball, with Molitor still seemingly the favorite.
  • Patrick Reusse, who said there would be no managerial announcement on Thursday, has tweeted no such thing about Friday, SO WHO KNOWS.
  • Per LEN3, both Molitor and Mientkiewicz have had second interviews, while Lovullo has not.
  • The PiPress's Mike Berardino says the next possible window for an announcement is Monday.  He also notes that Tom Brunansky is "almost a given" to stay regardless of who the new skipper is.  (This, plus the lack of a second interview for Lovullo, leads me to believe that it's gonna be one of the two in-house candidates.)
And that's what I know.