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Poll: How does the availability of Joe Maddon change your opinion on who should be the next Twins manager?

Maddon is a late-comer in the game for the next Minnesota Twins manager. Does he sway your candidate loyalty?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When the Twins announced earlier this week that the three finalists for the managerial vacancy were Paul Molitor, Doug Mientkiewicz, and Torey Lovullo, not many people were surprised. Molitor has long been the organization's favorite, Mientkiewicz seems to be the organizational dark horse and People's Choice, and Lovullo "nailed" his interview and was the lone external candidate to make the short list.

Then, Joe Maddon opted out of the final year of his contract with Tampa Bay. And he's apparently looking for a five-year, $25 million dollar contract. That's a lot for a manager, but, y''s Joe Maddon.

With the confirmation that the Twins want to speak to Maddon and that, in turn, Maddon will listen to what the Twins have to say (who wouldn't, with this farm system), I want to know if this turn of events changes your outlook on who should get the job. Do you still favor one of the three original finalists? Or are you wanting the Twins to make the biggest possible splash they could make in terms of hiring a new manager?