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Twins officially announce new uniform

The news and colors scheme broke last week, but now we have the details.

So long, pinstripes! The Twins today unveiled a new home uniform, free of those pesky stripes that have been a part of the traditional home uniform of the Minnesota franchise for generations. The website marks the new design as "a clean, contemporary look" that maintains the red and blue primary colors while accenting them with something called Minnesota Kasota Gold.

Have a look at the difference here. It's a stark change. How do you feel about the new jersey? Have a look at the new top below, and compare it with the 2014 version. Do you miss the stripes or are you liking the new direction?

Here's a sample of how people are feeling about the new design. As can be expected anytime something new comes along, there's some backlash. In general, searching Twitter comes up with nothing but bad blood. Jason DeRusha's tweet takes the cake, though.
How do you feel? Like? Hate? Indifferent?