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SB Nation Offseason Sim: Twins day three review

The new outfield is complete.

Tom Szczerbowski

The first two days of the off-season simulation were spent throwing around 263 trade ideas more than they were putting out offers on free agents, but they did net the Twins Kris Medlen on a two-year, $12 million dollar deal as well as 23-year old center and lef tfielder Randal Grichuk. It was a fine start. How did I do in day three?

Internal moves

  • Non-tendered Brian Duensing, making him a free agent
  • Non-tendered Eduardo Nunez, making him a free agent

Twins trade Tommy Milone, Stephen Gonsalves to Astros for Dexter Fowler

A visibly exhausted Lund walked out of his office and collapsed early Tuesday afternoon, following lengthy trade discussions with the Houston Astros for their 28-year old outfielder.

"My saving grace in these negotiations was that both teams just wanted something to get done," said Lund. "I came into today with these discussions well underway, but we weren't able to find a middle ground. Personnel in the trade expanded, contracted, expanded and contracted again until we ended up here. We really like Gonsalves and Milone certainly had value to us, but we were able to deal from an area of depth to address a weakness. And we'll be a better team as a result"

Twins sign Colby Rasmus

It sounds like both the Fowler and Rasmus deals happened around the same time yesterday afternoon.

"I was using each negotiation as some leverage to encourage the other side to make a decision," Lund said, reflecting on the discussions. "Ultimately, I knew I didn't want Fowler in center field, and with the inexperience of [Randal] Grichuk and my desire to take it slow with Aaron [Hicks] this year, I decided I could do both Fowler and Rasmus. We're very pleased."

Rasmus' deal with the Twins is for two years and $22 million. He is expected to be Minnesota's center fielder on Opening Day, with Fowler in left and Oswaldo Arcia in right.

Twins tender contracts to Casey Fien, Trevor Plouffe, Jordan Schaffer

The tendering of Fien and Plouffe was a foregone conclusion under Lund's leadership, but there was still question as to whether the Twins would retain Schafer. It sounds like neither Hicks nor Grichuk will start the 2015 season with the big league club, however, no doubt to ensure they are playing everyday and polishing their development before taking on larger roles in the Minnesota outfield. Schafer will be the club's fourth outfielder, barring an unexpected move on Wednesday, the final day of the off-season sim.

Rumors and whispers

  • Early on Tuesday came rumors about a trade with Atlanta, apparently involving Mike Minor and Josmil Pinto, among other names. If this was every actually happening, the talks stalled.
  • A number of teams were tied to Pinto on Tuesday, including the Red Sox. Minnesota is still looking for pitching, and scouts attended a number of Clay Buccholz's starts late in the season.
  • At least seven teams inquired as to the availability of Miguel Sano. Most of those offers seemed to have been checked at the door, but sources from around the league confirm that two teams got as far as exchanging names. As of now, nothing appears imminent.
  • The Twins have checked in on Francisco Liriano. We know the team had interest in Brandon McCarthy and Justin Masterson, before they signed for three years and $42 million and three years and $30 million, respectively. It sounds like the other thing preventing Lund from making a move is Ricky Nolasco.