Cuddyer Turns Down $900 million Offer to Get the Band Back Together

Doug Pensinger

Oh wait, maybe I got that headline and player mixed up with some barely recognizable front man from some obscure rock band somewhere. Nonetheless, Cuddyer sent a clear message to all of his MN fans who were hoping to shore up a shaky outfield by accepting a two year contract with the Mets. Apparently the Rockies made him a $15.3 million qualifying offer despite the fact that he is now 35yrs old and only played in 49 games last season. Sheesh, what a creampuff - I'll bet he had a bruise or two...

Fangraphs projects Cuddyer to be a little less than a 1.0 WAR player next season, and thus to be less valuable than what the Mets are likely to pay him, and I tend to agree with that. Then again, I never figured Torii Hunter would earn his contract with the Angels and I was definitely wrong there. Cuddyer did manage to put up an fWAR of 1.5 in his injury shortened 2014 campaign, so maybe he isn't cooked just yet. I for one, wish the smiling magician good luck in the big apple.