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Minnesota Twins Arizona Fall League Update 6.0

After six weeks of off-season baseball, Jesse brings you his final report on Twins prospects in the AFL.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

For the most part, Twins prospects performed admirably over the six-week Arizona Fall League season. Byron Buxton's injury will be what a lot of people remember, but the highlights don't stop with Eddie Rosario leading the Rafters to the AFL title. Here's a final look at the stat lines.


Adam, Jason 10 13.1 6 7 2.18 5.40
Jones, Zack 11 11.1 12 11 1.68 0.00
Reed, Jake 10 12.2 3 10 1.03 0.71
Rogers, Taylor 3 5.2 2 4 1.06 1.59

Position Players

Buxton, Byron 13 57 2 5 .263 .311 .298
Kepler, Max 18 75 7 3 .307 .366 .440
Rosario, Eddie 24 100 6 10 .330 .345 .410

Jason Adam

It was an uninspiring turn from Adam, but to be honest it would have been surprising to have seen anything else. As a return for Josh Willingham he's solid; as a talent he's middle-of-the-road. Whether he starts or comes out of the bullpen this year will be determined in the new year, and his performance in the AFL probably secures his spot in Double-A.

Byron Buxton

Look! Look, over here! I have keys! Shiny, shiny keys!

Zack Jones

This was a good experience for Jones. The game time comes in useful since he missed most of 2014 thanks to an aneurysm in his arm last winter, and hopefully those innings will help him be that much further forward in his quest to get back to 100%. He struggled with command quite a bit, as you can see by the 12 walks in 11.1 innings and the three hit batters. There is good news here of course: his stuff is still outstanding and he should have a chance to pitch at Double-A this year. He'll be 24 in a couple weeks, but his timeline to the Minnesota bullpen could shrink drastically this year.

Max Kepler

Has something finally started to click for Kepler? He slowly got better in Fort Myers this year, and after a very good performance in the AFL is poised to take on Double-A at some point in 2015. Whether that's right away or after a mid-season promotion, who knows - but for the first time in a while we have an excuse to be optimistic about our 21-year old German prospect.

Jake Reed

Reed hasn't pitched since the Fall Stars Game, probably because he was already sitting around 13 innings. He was Minnesota's fifth round selection in the 2014 draft, so he's been a fantastic surprise and already finds himself on the fast track. He's now allowed two runs in 34 innings of work. If Nick Burdi can push for a 2015 arrival, Reed could push for 2016.

Taylor Rogers

A line drive on his forearm in his first AFL game kept him out for most of the short season, but he was able to swing in at the end for a pair of appearances. He's another pitcher with a limited ceiling. although his strong 2014 at Double-A he's on pace to make his Triple-A debut at age 24. As a lefty who has done a good job of limiting base runners and runs, he was rightfully tagged as a sleeper prospect by John Sickels. It's worth noting: Rogers has surrendered just 17 home runs in 349 minor league innings.

Eddie Rosario

Minnesota's star prospect this fall was Rosario. He came out of the gate like he had something to prove and finished with an MVP style performance in the title game on Saturday. He finished second in the AFL in batting average and stolen bases. Rosario should spend 2015 between Double and Triple-A.