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Guardado's First Job As Bullpen Coach: Make 9th Innings Terrifying Again

"Perk has been really steady and reliable. But what if we changed that?"

Scott Ullger has nothing to do with this post.
Scott Ullger has nothing to do with this post.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Although he hasn't offically been named the bullpen coach, former Twins closer Eddie Guardado has already made it known that he plans to make some big changes in how the Twins approach save situations.

"We're gonna make 'em exciting again," vowed Guardado in a Thursday interview with local reporters.

Guardado said he plans to sit down with Glen Perkins, Minnesota's current closer and one of the most reliable relievers in baseball, and talk about what they can do to get the fans back on the edge of their seats.

"I've seen how empty Target Field has been at the end of the last couple seasons.  We gotta fill this place up, get this place rocking like we used to at the Dome."

"Everyday Eddie" said that his plans for this are pretty simple.

"Glen's gotta walk a minimum of 1, 2 guys to start the 9th.  You get that tying run in scoring position, everyone's gonna be into it then."

Perkins was unavailable for comment.

Guardado admitted that this way of doing things might be controversial to some, but he said he's ready for any criticism he gets.

"I can only coach the best way I know how," said the two-time All-Star.  "I hear a lot of the statheads talk about high-leverage situations, and when you think about it, putting those extra runners on base really gooses the leverage.  If it turns out hitting a batter or loading 'em up on wild pitches is a better way of going about it, man, that's what we're gonna do."

The longtime Twin said he can't wait to work with new manager Paul Molitor and whoever Molitor chooses as his pitching coach.

"It's been tough to watch the last couple seasons, but we've got the talent in the system to right the ship.  Fans should be able to show up for a game, get to the ninth, feel like they're going to barf the whole time, and then go home with a win.

"It feels good to be back."