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Twins officially name Paul Molitor as manager

After a month-plus search, the Twins have chosen the candidate we always thought they would.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

In news that will surprise nobody while perhaps disappointing some, the Minnesota Twins announced that Paul Molitor will be their next manager. Molitor will be given a three-year contract.

The Twins will hold a press conference at 2pm tomorrow, about five weeks after the announcement of Ron Gardenhire's removal from the managerial role. We'll have an open thread here as it happens, where you can post your reactions and questions as the presser unfolds.

As we mentioned on Saturday when the news of Molitor's impending hiring broke, he has a reputation for being detail-oriented and a great teacher. That's going to come in handy for a young team and an organization that needs to be as close to perfect on the fundamentals as can be. Indeed, in October Brian Dozier was quoted as saying Molitor was "the most knowledgeable guy about the game of baseball I've ever been around."

If you have questions for Molitor, the Twins Twitter account wants you to send in your questions with the hashtag #AskMolly. Get on there and ask your tough questions, because you never know - you could get an answer.

We'll be touching on this news throughout the week. If you're feeling particularly positive or particularly frustrated, leave your comments here but I also invite you to submit your own FanPost.