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Introducing the SB Nation MLB awards!

Baseball blogs around SB Nation will be nominating for certain awards for 2014. We need your help to determine those nominations!

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We're a bit late in getting started with this, but here we go! Every year, the Baseball Writers' Association of America votes on a number of awards. Sometimes they're good at it, sometimes they're not (remember when one guy from Seattle didn't vote for Joe Mauer as MVP in 2009), and so we're more or less handing the process over to you. Which is kinda fun.

The categories? They're a bit different. We're looking for a team's funniest moment, most regrettable moment, the defensive play of the year, the most important hit, the best pitching appearance, and then - team of the year.

Later today I'll be posting polls for the funnest moment and the most regrettable moment. But in the meantime, let's see what you have to say about the Twins':

  • funniest moment
  • most regrettable moment
  • defensive play of the year
  • most important hit
  • best pitching appearance

You can submit ideas, videos, GIFs, Vines, photos, stats, links - whatever you like to get your idea across. Let's see what you have!