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Poll: Funniest Minnesota Twins moment 2014

Welcome to Round 1 of the SB Nation MLB awards. You determine the winner!

The first award up for debate is the Funniest Twins Moment of 2014. I took a few of these from your suggestions in the announcement thread. (Don't worry if your suggestion hasn't been used yet...I've marked a number of them for any number of categories yet to come.) The winner of our vote for Funniest Moment will go into an MLB-wide Funniest Moment vote in a couple of weeks.

Feel free to share this on Facebook, etc - let's see if we can even include a few non-Twinkietown regulars think is the funniest moment of the year.

TC catches ball in his mouth

This was in spring training of this year, so it still counts. Considering how cumbersome those suits are, the person inside either was very lucky with their timing or has had a lot of practice. Is it more impressive than it is funny? I don't know. You tell me.

Dick Bremer kisses Bert Blyleven

Right on his bald, shiny head. And the surprise on Bert's face isn't so much "you rascal" as much as it's "I want to punch you in the mouth"...until he realizes it was on television and not designed just to piss him off. Kiss cam, Bert! Kiss cam!

Robinson Cano helps Kendrys Morales get a little more comfortable

"Hey, buddy! That top looks a little tight. Let's just undo that top button shall we...if...if it ever...what do you use to keep this thing on? Industrial adhesive?"

Phil Hughes: Graphic Designer

Trevor May asked for someone to design a logo for his side project. Hughes has him covered, with some help from Mario Paint. Or MS Paint. Or a crayon.

Phil Hughes and the Story of the Phantom Line Drive

Reactions so fast the line drive hasn't even happened yet.

Man-privates bashing #1

I'm not sure these could go anywhere else. Most regrettable? Most important hit? Maybe. But ball shots are painfully funny, so I'll put them here. Sorry, Kurt. Hope the jewels are okay, bud.

Man-privates bashing #2

Escobar funniest hit in the man parts

The GIF and video aren't nearly as illutrative as pausing it at the exact moment of impact and taking a screen shot. Escobar walked it off and pretended like he wasn't squealing with agony on the inside.

Sansevere: Douse Mauer in gasoline and chase him with matches

Because this category wouldn't be complete without one of Stu's best of the year, this time about lighting a fire under Mauer on fire.

Mike Pelfrey is a horse?

We've seen Pelfrey pull out his Joe Nathan impression on a number of occasions. This just might be the best one. And it's more or less how we felt watching the Twins in 2014.


This is probably the most adorable moment of 2014. What I like is that the first half of her cheer is like most of us in April - surprised and happy - before descending into the type of cheer where you're angry with the team for what's it's doing to your heart and I LOVE YOU BUT WHY WON'T THIS SEASON JUST END.