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Poll: Most Twinsiest moment 2014

This is actually the category "Most regrettable Twins moment," but I've renamed it because it fits the Twins' season so much better.

SB Nation: "What's the most regrettable Twins moment of 2014?"

Me: "The entire season. I'm sorry, can you be more specific?"

I've tried to mix the two, but there are just so many to put down. Lets roll through my nine candidates for the Most Twinsiest moment of 2014.

Byron Buxton's entire season

It's just...I mean...that poor kid. Concussion, wrist, finger...I'm sorry. Let's get onto the funnier things.

Ryan Pressly spikes ball on pickoff attempt

With the Twins leading 4-3 in the eighth of the game on September 5, Pressly tried to keep the runner at second base. And he succeeded. But it's just so Twins.

Jordan Schafer runs into his own bunt

That's Twins Baseball.

Trevor May issues walk on failed timeout

That's also Twins Baseball.

Eduardo Nunez hits umpire in the head with his bat

I feel bad for the guy, but if you're calling a Twins game in 2014 you probably know what you're in for. Also, can we talk about how many times Nunez makes this list? I mean, if you're going to make a case to non-tender a guy, we may as well start right here.

Eduardo Nunez and Brian Dozier trip over each other in center field

Because Twins Baseball. And because Nunez.

Eduardo Nunez and Trevor Plouffe trip over each other in left field.

Myjah was right. No way Willingham was going to get to that ball. Also: Nunez. It could be a verb. "That play was Nunez'd" or "He Nunez'd all over that pop fly."

Signing Jason Bartlett

I have no idea how Bartlett made the 25-man roster, much less how keeping him was more important than having an actual extra outfielder on the roster. Because then things happen, like the game from the GIF above. Bartlett had already misplayed a ball off the wall earlier in the contest and nearly fell over. Bless him, it's not his fault - he wasn't an outfielder and maybe shouldn't have made the team in the first place, and it's not like he was the only infielder to play the outfield this year. But hey...that's so Twins.

Sid throwing a baseball

I mean, this isn't really regrettable, is it. It's just illustrative of 2014. Like the rest of this list. Go Twins go!

This last one isn't on the ballot because there's nothing really regrettable about it, it's just a good way of showing the frustration the players felt along with the fans. I'm sure they made bats thicker in Bo's day, but it's still an impressive feat. Seeing this actually makes me a bigger Arcia fan.