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Torii Hunter likely to head to a contender

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Which is more or less what we knew all along, but it's a good thing nevertheless.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The free agent wire has been buzzing this morning with the news that the Texas Rangers are pushing hard for Torii Hunter. And that's not a surprise. But with Hunter apparently looking to make a decision soon, where there's smoke in these circumstances there is often fire.

Mike Berardino chimed in at roughly the same time with a pair of telling tweets.

We went over the other potential suitors for Hunter on Sunday night, and with the Nelson Cruz signing for Seattle it's the Rangers that are starting to look like the best fit. With a healthy team, Texas could quite easily bounce back in 2015 and contend.

This could be the final contract Hunter signs. If he has a chance at a championship, he needs to take it - and that's the best thing for the Twins, too.