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Chris "Big Cheese" Parmelee elects free agency

In layman's terms this means Chris isn't coming back.

Chris Parmecheese.
Chris Parmecheese.
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Parmelee has opted to leave the Twins as a free agent, per every Twin Cities media reporter. Parmelee was outrighted (meaning, kicked off the 40 man roster) last week to make room for Ervin Santana, and had the decision of going to the Twins AAA team in Rochester or going it alone. (He's going it alone, per the headline.)

Parmelee's departure

Parmelee was a first round draft pick for the Twins in 2006. He's been a first baseman/corner outfielder for the Twins for several years, but considering the Twins abundance of players fitting that category (Joe Mauer, Kennys Vargas, Torii Hunter, Oswaldo Arcia, Aaron Hicks, etc.) , the loss of Parmelee is not a really big surprise.

Parmelee had 901 plate appearances over the past four years for the Twins. He hit .249, with a .317 on base percentage and a .392 slugging percentage. He hit 24 home runs in the majors during his time as a Twin.

Best of luck to you, Big Cheese.