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The Hosken Powell Memorial Linkdump Is Here to Say, It Likes the Hot Stove in a Major Way

Hosken Powell is still alive.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

There is non-Torii Hunter news out there.  This is that.

  • Twins greats Jim Kaat and Tony Oliva are two of the ten candidates that the Baseball Hall of Fame veterans committee will consider for entry on Sunday.  Phil Miller has the story in the Strib.
  • When he wasn't getting called names by veteran outfielders and internet randos, the Pioneer Press' Mike Berardino reported that the Twins made an offer to Royals' reliever Jason Frasor (who re-signed with KC) and inquired on veteran Giants' starter Ryan Vogelsong.  This article also served to remind me that the Twins aren't bringing back Bon Iver-looking Jared Burton and Bigfoot/horseplay enthusiast Anthony Swarzak.  They will be missed.
  • At the mothership's own linkdump, Marc Normandin updated the state of play for Jon Lester and Max Scherzer.  No clear favorites have emerged except for both men getting very paid.
  • Per LEN3, the Twins have signed Cardinals outfielder Shane Robinson to a minor league deal.  Words used to describe him on the internet: "fleet of foot," "light-hitting," "defensive replacement."  No idea as to what his thoughts are on marriage equality.
  • I cannot help but like Josh Reddick.  Or the Athletics, really.  When the Twins get good again, I'm concerned that my seething dislike of Oakland won't return.  They have cool white uniforms and play in a poop stadium.  And poop isn't a metaphor!
  • Glen Perkins with a baby face and a Dos Equis.  Click already.
  • Friend of the blog Nick Nelson asks the question, "Is the Twins rotation already full?" over at Twins Talk USA or whatever that friggin' thing is called. Answer: It might be!  I don't know that I like that so much!
  • Dave Brown paid tribute to former Twin Josh Willingham at Fangraphs, who experienced more losing baseball than any universally-acknowledged good dude should.  (Meanwhile, Delmon Young will probably be in World Series again in 2015, somehow.)
  • I wrote a little about the whole Hunter/"prick" thing at my day job, if you wanted to check that out.