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Terry Ryan among names Blue Jays like to fill role of President and CEO

Toronto needs a new head honcho. They like the Twins' General Manager.

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

It's unfortunate that Paul Beeston's time with the Toronto Blue Jays ended as it has. He was the very first employee of the organization in the mid-70s, eventually spending 12 years in the commissioner's office before yeading back to Toronto in 2009. But it sounds like those in the know weren't happy with his part in finding baseball's next commissioner, and it may ultimately lead to Beeston's retirement.

As rumors circulated as to whom the Blue Jays could tab as his replacement, the most popular theories were that the Canadian club would look outside of the organization. Executive Vice Presidents Dan Duquette of the Orioles and Kenny Williams of the White Sox were the early names divulged, before Twins General Manager Terry Ryan's name dropped into the fray. Ryan has earned himself a reputation for having a good eye for developing talent, but he's been less successful in building a competitive Major League team while the farm system cooks.

Minnesota could ultimately demand compensation for Ryan, 61, should both organizations have interest in exploring a deal. From where we sit that does seem highly unlikely. Ryan and the Twins value loyalty to a fault, and while Ryan's vision for the near-term may draw questions from fans his desire to see things through and to see the team be competitive again are sincere.

Ryan turned down the opportunity to become the Blue Jays' General Manager in 2001, and as of right now it doesn't sound like they have requested permission to speak with Ryan. As a result it's very, very difficult to see Ryan going anywhere. When Toronto does eventually find their candidate, it won't be him.