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2014 Winter Meetings: Minnesota Twins Day 1 Review

Not much happened yesterday, but here's what you need to know.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

For fans of the speculation season, being a Twins fan during the Winter Meetings can lead to a bit of frustration. Let's see what we can glean from the various bits and pieces that floated around yesterday.

  • The most involved teams in the AL Central have, so far, been the Indians (Brandon Moss) and the White Sox (Jeff Samardzija and David Robertson). Both teams have gotten better in the short term, which will put pressure on the Tigers and Royals.
  • Second-tier starter Jason Hammell will sign with the Cubs for two years and $20 million. He was a common referral point regarding the type of pitchers that the Twins could target, but I doubt that similar right-handers will be taking up such short-term deals.
  • Jon Lester has six and seven-year contracts in hand. It's the siren song, people.
  • Cole Hamels is being made available. With four years remaining under contract, could the Twins be interested in targeting the Phillies ace? I'd like to think they'd at least make a call. Hamels has averaged 4.0 fWAR over the last eight seasons, and turns 31 just after Christmas.

That's everything for first thing this morning. We'll see you back here later today for more.