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What's Your Favorite Twins Commercial?

Warne lists off some of his favorite Twins commercials of all time

Joe Mauer does a lot of commercials.
Joe Mauer does a lot of commercials.
Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

One thing the Twins do very well year in and year out is promoting the club through local ad spots. This is not an uncommon practice, of course, and can be a fun way for teams to grab a few more fans with some self deprecating humor.

For instance, I like this one that the Rockies did, which subtly jabs at Michael Cuddyer's lack of range in the outfield:

Beyond that, the Mariners have had some humorous spots with Felix Hernandez, and I've seen countless others for other clubs by virtue of the MLB Extra Innings package.

But we aren't here to talk about other teams, are we? Here are some of my favorite Twins spots from the past few years:

-To me this commercial sums up Al Newman pretty well.

-To me, this was probably one of the more creative ones. Great use of Francisco Liriano's musical talents, too.

- "Go to Murrays, and eet a beeg steak." Delmon Young may be the worst, but Tony Oliva is the best.

- I can't embed this one about Cristian Guzman, but click the link and take in the greatness. Na-na-na-na-na.

-I think the older commercials were just flat out better. Could have something to do with the characters on the team, such as Everyday Eddie.

-"Wow, you must know Joe Mauer!"

- One of a handful of "Well played, Mauer" commercials that were all pretty good.

- Not an ad from the Twins, per se...but I'm a fan of anything with Scott Van Pelt as a general rule.

You'll have to click the link to watch this commercial featuring Torii Hunter, but it's well worth it. His face -- and the young boy's -- is priceless.

Step aside Torii; this is the GOAT. This commercial perfectly encapsulates what it's like to talk to Jim Thome, and is pure brilliance on multiple levels. Truly 100/100. --- One I couldn't locate but would have liked to have shared was the Hunter "I Live For This!" one where he says he'd rather "rob a home run than hit a home run any day of the week." It also features the amazing look Carlos Lee gives him when he robs El Caballo of a home run in the Metrodome, circa 2002.


As a bonus, here's a Brad Radke commercial I hadn't seen until researching for this piece:

And who doesn't love a Tsuyoshi Nishioka commercial?

One video that I really wanted to find was Torii's "I Live For This" video where he says he'd rather rob a home run than hit a home run any day of the week. Anyway, here's a video of his first big league homer.

Big thanks to YouTube user Laurel Krahn for having quite a few of these in a queue for ease of research!

TwinkieTown friends, what are some of your favorite Twins ads?