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Twins Free Agent Rumors: Ervin and Johan Santana

There can be only one.


Because what else would you possible want to watch first thing on a Tuesday morning?

Twins not in on Ervin Santana

At this point in the off-season, considering what the Twins have done and the choices they have or haven't made, it would be a surprise of there was any interest on Minnesota's part. The rotation is already full and adding another pitcher who would expect to be one of the starting five from Opening Day would only create more roster issues, and while Santana would make the team better in 2014 his addition would create more roster rigidity in 2015 and beyond.

Johan Santana to throw for scouts

When he gives his public exhibition, Johan will be throwing off the mound. He won't be going full speed (with is probably somewhere around 90mph on his fastball anyway), but scouts will pay attention to his mechanics and body language as much as they're watching how the baseball moves. It's less about what he's capable of at the moment and more about evaluating where he's at in his rehabilitation process, and whether or not there are any red flags.

Johan has lost two of the last three seasons to injury. At age 35 expectations need to be severely tempered, but it's much easier to add a guy who can prove he's ready in the minor leagues before the team has to find a roster spot for him.