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Wednesday Morning Links: Suing MLB, Arroyo, Bored Chapman, and Owings

Jamie Sabau

On Friday, I will be playing in a student-staff basketball game at the school where I teach. We've been encouraged to dress up in costume, and I've settled on one that should look pretty funny: Being dressed as a baseball player, complete with high socks, baseball pants, jersey, and cap. No baseball cleats though, I don't want to be sliding around the court like it's an ice rink.

  • Craig Calcaterra discovered something that probably should have happened a long time ago but is finally occurring now. Much like college athletes arguing that they have been unfairly compensated for their work, three former minor league players are suing Major League Baseball, arguing that minor leagues are underpaid.
  • The Orioles have already backed out of two contracts with free agents this offseason due to "failed" physicals, and it's possible that cost them Bronson Arroyo. According to Arroyo, he chose the Diamondbacks instead of the Orioles because he was afraid of the O's announcing he also failed his physical, thus costing him millions of dollars. That makes me wonder… what does Arroyo have wrong with him that caused him to worry?
  • We learn about Aroldis Chapman's life in America and despite being the hardest throwing pitcher in the majors, he's living a life of boredom this offseason.
  • Micah Owings was a mediocre pitcher but an excellent hitter, causing him to consider becoming a full-time position player. After one year, though, he's decided to return to being strictly a pitcher.