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Tuesday Twins: Miguel Sano is Homeless (sorta), Home-plate Collisions are Banned (sorta), and Other Notes

Miguel Sano has to stay in a hotel in Florida during spring training. :(
Miguel Sano has to stay in a hotel in Florida during spring training. :(
Rob Carr

Here are some links for us to enjoy today:

  • Put another shrimp on the barbie, because the Twins recently signed 18 year old Australian infielder Jack Barrie to a minor league contract.
  • Miguel Sano and his agent are currently homeless because of two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels named Cheppie and Pitzie.
  • Speaking of Miguel Sano, he told Jim Souhan his goal is to hit 40 home runs, drive in 100 runs, and win a gold glove.
  • Jared Burton is embracing his role as the veteran pitcher in the bullpen for the most part of Twins games. "I was fortunate in Cincinnati," Burton said, "that we had Eddie Guardado and David Weathers and Scott Hatteberg and Jeff Conine. It's not like those guys were vocal types -- well Guardado was vocal. But it's just like life. The older you get the more you realize you shouldn't be worried about it."
  • Joe Mauer's agent Ron Shapiro has a new book out about how he got Joe all that money how to be successful in negotiation.
  • One of the biggest rule changes in MLB this year is the banning of collisions at home plate--but apparently there is an exception for when "the catcher has the ball and is blocking the runner's direct path to home plate." But uh... isn't that, like, when collisions...? This one is over my head.