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2014 Minnesota Twins Ballpark Promotions

We're gonna win Twins! We're gonna score! We're gonna win Twins, watch that baseball soooooooaar!

It's always a perfect day for outdoor baseball in Minnesota.
It's always a perfect day for outdoor baseball in Minnesota.
Hannah Foslien

The Twins quietly announced their various ballpark promotions for the upcoming year a couple weeks ago. I haven't heard a lot of talk about the new promotions, despite the fact I've found a couple of them quite interesting, so I decided to help spread the word and give Twinkie Town readers a place to voice their opinions.

Daily Ticket Offers

These offers are the ones the Twins offer weekly, on a specific day of the week. For example, as always, Wednesdays are Dollar Dog Night (except for that one awful year they designated Mondays as Dollar Dog Night). Also, multiple various weekdays have special offerings that combine a ticket with a free pop or hot dog or something of that nature. lsways check for the weekly deals before you buy tickets!

What really caught my eye was: Thirsty Thursday Nights. That's right folks. The overly PC, family-oriented Twins are having a new promotion on Thursday night games where--sit down for this--from 5:30 to 6:30 pm before the game, they will be serving draft beers for $2 and rail drinks for $2.50 (and appetizer specials). For perspective, beers usually cost around $8 or more at Target Field during the game, and don't get me started on mixed drinks.

I thought this sounded a bit fishy and un-Twins like so I looked it up--and yeah, there are only five Thursday night games all year (the first one is against the Brewers--let's see how that goes). Hopefully everyone will be responsible and have a good time.

Remember, don't drink and drive.


Everyone's favorite promotional giveaway is back this year--the bobble head. The Twins are giving away four:

  • Harmon Killebrew 1965 All-Star Game Bobblehead (June 20)
  • Lou Gehrig 75th Anniversary Bobblehead (July 4)
  • Tom Brunansky 1985 All-Star Game Bobblehead (July 5)
  • TBD Twins 2014 All-Star Game Bobblehead (September 6)

At first, I was a little confused about the Twins giving away a Lou Gehrig doll. I know July 4th is the anniversary of Gehrig's farewell speech and ALS awareness day, but really? A whole bobblehead? But then I noticed the Yankees are once again coming to Target Field on July 4th.

So a holiday, when Yankee fans will likely travel to our touted ballpark, come early for bobbleheads, and spend lots of money trapped inside our stadium. Now I can see the wheels turning behind this...

Other Promotions

Of course, there are other promotions. Here are the ones that sound most interesting:

  • Minnie and Paul Collapsible Water Bottle (April 16) (Is it a bag? Is it a water bottle that looks like a bag?)
  • Faux-Fur Bomber Hat (April 25) (Like Kirby's?!)
  • BBQ tongs (May 26)
  • ADULT Baby Blue Kirby Puckett Jersey (June 5) (they usually only give away kids' jerseys!)
  • All-Star Game Snoopy Figurine (June 6)
  • Gardy Gnome (June 7)
  • Twins Headpones (July 19) (Much cooler than Beats by Dre. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!)
  • Glen Perkins Kids Jersey to Kids Under 14 years (June 22)
  • Twins Flip Flops (August 20)
  • Chuck Knoblauch Twins HOF pin and Pre-Game Ceremony (August 23) (Remember: No throwing hot dogs.)

These, of course, are only some of the promotions the Twins are giving away this year. Hopefully you can make it to a game--not because I work for the Twins (trust me, they think I'm crazy), but because Twins games are fun!