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Thursday Twins Notes: Pavano, Correia, Santana, Dozier, Perkins, and Previewing 2015

Thursday is kind of like Friday, because it's the last day of the working week before the last day of the working week.

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Let's bounce around the interwebs to see what's been happening in Twins Territory this week.

Carl Pavano retires

Pavano announced, through his agent, that he's retiring from baseball. It's not much of a surprise considering his age and injury history. Injuries that linger have a larger effect on older players not simply because of the rigors of time on the body, but also because, practically, there aren't nearly as many playing days ahead as there are behind. If he were 28 instead of 38, things would probably be different. Good luck to Pavano, and his mustache, wherever it is. We wish you both well in the next phase of life.

Kevin Correia and Josh Willingham want the same thing

In the wake of the news that Willingham wanted to finish his career in Minnesota, I totally missed that Correia said the same thing. It's a nice sentiment, but it sounds like he knows it isn't going to happen.

Johan Santana

In addition to the Yankees and the Twins, Jon Heyman notes that the Phillies, Blue Jays, Pirates, Rangers, and Orioles were the other five teams in attendance at Johan's throwing session on Tuesday morning.

Brian Dozier would talk extension

Mike Berardino is kicking ass in Fort Myers, and on Tuesday wrote about his conversation with Dozier regarding his future in Minnesota. Dozier said all the right things and, apart from being great with the media, became a fan favorite in 2013. He noted that he hasn't been contacted about the possibility of a contract extension yet, but that he's certainly open to the idea.

The conversation that turned Glen Perkins' career around

Jim Souhan chronicles the turning point in Perkins career with the Twins, and quite possibly his career as a Major League ballplayer. It's an interesting read and highly recommended, because at the time it looked like Perkins' days in Minnesota were numbered. Just as importantly, it stresses how important communication can be; it can be hard to drop the ego and just put it all out there, but when you know what you want, it can be worth the risk.

Previewing 2015

Pardon me while I wipe the drool off my chin.