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Sano Sidelined With Continued Elbow Soreness

Ugh. Jesus. I mean, really? CAN'T WE HAVE JUST ONE NICE THING

Does anyone remember laughter
Does anyone remember laughter
Rob Carr

The throwing elbow soreness that Twins super-prospect-who-isn't-Byron Buxton Miguel Sano experienced in winter ball resurfaced yesterday during an inter-squad game. Per Mike Berardino, Sano felt an "odd sensation" after making a throw across his body in the 4th inning, and was pulled from the game soon thereafter. He is being examined by team medical officials today, and yes, there are jokes to be made about that if you want to make them.

As was noted when this issue arose in winter ball, the worst case scenario is that Sano will need Tommy John surgery to repair the UCL in his right elbow, which, if nothing else, would give us a definite, and profoundly shitty, answer as to when Sano debuts for the Twins in 2014. More updates as they become available. Until then, my advice to you is to start drinking heavily.