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Tuesday Twins Talk: Byron Buxton Isn't Starting a Lawn Mowing Company, and More

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"I LOVE GRASS. But not tall grass."
"I LOVE GRASS. But not tall grass."
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning Twins fans! Football is over, so enjoy these Twins links:

  • BREAKING NEWS: Trevor Plouffe might be out of a job by sometime next season. (Come on, we're all reaching for news to report on here.)
  • Kurt Suzuki--apparently the leading candidate for starting catcher in 2014--told the media he's not going to try and be Joe Mauer. Would it really hurt though?
  • Update on the long, slow death of the Metrodome: Here's a video of workers setting off explosions last Sunday.
  • Twins on-gain, off-again minor-leaguer Mark Hamburger participated in the St. Paul Saints' Snowball Classic at Midway Stadium last Saturday. Yes, it is a baseball game played in two feet of snow. Yes, they set up sleds and snowmen as obstacles. Yes, there was beer involved.