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The (Glorious?) Return of Minor League Update!

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Ahhh…to be able to be writing again here at Twinkie Town brings me great joy – many thanks to our supreme leader and overlord, Jesse, for giving me this amazing opportunity.

Since the crew has been doing a fantastic job keeping track of the Twins’ minor league system, I don’t have a ton to go over with you guys this week. I will let you know what you can expect this coming season, reintroduce myself for new readers, and hopefully get you as excited as I am about some of the future players we can expect to see at Target Field.

Every Wednesday this season, I’ll be updating you on the biggest news in the Twins’ minor league system, from player updates to game notes, to the changes and moves the teams make. We’ll highlight a new player every week, look at how performances change, and analyze the organization’s moves. Over the next few weeks, however, much of the focus will be on Spring Training and all the goodness that will bring (seriously, if you’re in Minnesota right now, the idea of ‘spring’ training is so ridiculous and preposterous…but what an amazing thought!). We’ll highlight who’s performing well, who is having difficulties, and who we can expect to see. The good news? Pitchers and catchers report THIS WEEK, so we don’t have to wait too long for good things!

Before I leave you for the week – a quick reintroduction of myself. My name is fischean (also known as Jessica in the “real world”) and I’ve been a community member here at Twinkie Town for nearly four years. I’m really pretty nerdy about a lot of things, but one of the bigger ones is baseball. My degree is in writing, and one of my passions is this great sport, so being able to combine the two is quite a treat! If you have any questions or tips at all throughout the season, please feel free to email or tweet me (my information is on my profile).

I look forward to this exciting new season with you guys – I hope you’ll make sure to stop by Wednesdays and see how things are going!