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Goodbye, Metrodome: Video of Roof Support Demolition

The long goodbye continues.

In a process that's going to be drawn out over a series of months, the Metrodome went through another stage of its demolition when crews rigged explosives to the Dome's roof support structure and promptly blew it up. While the first stage of the stadium's deconstruction, the deflation of the roof (check out a couple of pics at our Facebook page), has already occurred, it felt more like a precursor than an actual step towards the building's eventual demise.

But it's hard to ignore rigged explosives and their rapport echoing through downtown Minneapolis. You can watch it below.

I'm going to have mixed feelings about the demolition of the Metrodome. It was an awful place to play a baseball game, but all of my memories of the Minnesota Twins leading up to the opening of Target Field take place in the Dome. That cement block hosted a pair of World Series champions, saw the revival of the franchise in the early 2000s, was home to the team as well as the fans as the team clinched the division after their season was already over in 2006, and it had one last incredible memory with Game 163 in 2009.

I don't care what anyone says - it was the home of the Vikings, but it was the Twins that made the biggest and longest-lasting memories.

In some sense this is revisiting a goodbye that we said four years ago. As a baseball fan I'd already moved on, but now I feel like I'm getting sentimental about saying a fond farewell...and good riddance. But if you're as conflicted as I am over it, don't worry - we still have months and months of the demolition to go.