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Miguel Sano gets a new elbow

At least, "new" in the sense his ulnar collateral ligament is reattached to itself.

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Check it out, guys.
Check it out, guys.
Rob Carr

Twins top prospect Miguel Sano had his Tommy John's elbow surgery Wednesday in New York, and unfortunately, the doctors accidentally performed the surgery on the the wrong elbow. Just kidding! The surgery was a success.

The Star Tribune's LEN3, however, is reporting that doctors did find a surprise. When Sano was inspected by doctors last fall, he only had a partially torn ulnar collateral ligament. When doctors operated on the elbow today, they found the ligament was completely torn. The tear probably happened when Sano "felt something" attempting to throw Kurt Suzuki out at first during the intrasquad game in February. Sano told coaches immediately and hasn't played since.

Before Sano went under, he recorded a special message for Twins fans.

Miguel's Message to Fans from Ross Finkel on Vimeo.

Get well soon Miguel!