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BREAKFAST LINKS: Exclusive Interview with Glen Perkins, Deduno, Ryan, Sano, Incmikoski, World Party

Do not actually try to eat these breakfast links, as they are cyber words and contain no nutritional value, and might kill you. At least that's what we heard about a kid who tried to do that and now he's dead. Stupid Kyle.

kinda love sam deduno, stupid necklace notwithstanding
kinda love sam deduno, stupid necklace notwithstanding
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Soundtrack: "Ship of Fools," World Party

  • The big positive from yesterday's "A-team" game versus the defending world champion Boston Red Sox: three no-hit innings from Samuel Deduno. A home run by Mike Napoli was overturned via replay.
  • The big negative: a second inning that saw two errors (one by Trevor Plouffe, and another by Joe Mauer) and a lot of pitches from Phil Hughes.
  • Terry Ryan began six weeks of radiation treatment yesterday. In an interview with MLB's Rhett Bollinger, assistant GM Rob Antony said Ryan sounded good, but didn't know if he would be back with the club for opening day.
  • Bollinger also relayed that Miguel Sano's TJ surgery was a success (which it always is), and that while Sano's UCL was completely torn, there was no other damage found in the elbow. He is still expected to be ready for 2015.