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Wednesday Morning Links: Replay Advantages, Learning the Language, Cactus Injuries and More

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Yesterday I had my usher training with the Twins. Most of it was fairly standard stuff (i.e. here's how I'm supposed to do my job, no fraternizing with players outside of a quick hello or "Good game," etc.) but there was one big change announced to us. Some of you may have already been aware, but Target Field will be using metal detectors at gates this year. We've been told that it should be more painless than going through an airport scanner and I anticipate that this will be true.

Second, I was getting so excited about attending the MLB Futures Game in July, but I just learned that I won't be able to make it and I'm irritated that I never even realized this.

It's the day after my wedding.

  • It was a pretty ugly spring training game, but the worst part was White Sox starting pitcher Jose Quintana's line against the Athletics on Tuesday. 0 IP, 7 H, 9 ER, 2 BB.
  • Rays manager Joe Maddon is teaching his players on how to take advantage of the new replay system. Since some plays may have had a continuation had the correct call been made (i.e. a foul ball may have been fair), he's coaching his players that even if the ball appears to be dead after a close play, they should continue playing just in case replay overturns the call. Maddon believes that since some plays may lead to judgment calls from the umpires, having his players continue will make those judgment calls easier for the umpires, and could also lead to extra bases (or outs if the Rays are on defense) for his team. Granted, now that the secret's out, all teams may as well just do this.
  • Eno Sarris of FanGraphs and The Hardball Times wrote an excellent article of how reporters that want to incorporate sabermetrics into their pieces need to "speak the same language" as the players in order to get through to him. He acknowledges some of the awkward exchanges he's had with players as he's tried to learn what's appropriate and what isn't in interviews.
  • Brewers pitcher Francisco Rodriguez is our latest recipient of a crazy injury, as he accidentally stepped on a cactus while barefoot. I haven't confirmed the story but I read one comment that said his young son escaped the house late at night and K-Rod ran after him barefoot, leading to the incident. He still has many spines stuck in his foot thanks to the swelling, so props to him for pitching through the pain.
Finally, here's our Lightning Round for the week.
  1. Joe Mauer asked Justin Morneau about what you're supposed to do for entertainment at first base.
  2. This Yankees batter struck out and accidentally threw his bat at the pitcher in the process.
  3. T.C. Bear made a nice catch of a foul grounder with his mouth.