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2014 Minnesota Twins Rain Delay Programming Revealed

From April blizzards to September monsoons, FSN has you covered.


  • Rob Antony Is Disappointed. Don't miss the Twins' assistant GM step into the spotlight as he observes situations and wonders what the problem is, even when the answer is readily apparent. In the episode we were able to preview, Antony is perplexed that Scooter, a 12-year-old bulldog/mastiff mix, won't fetch a tennis ball. It is revealed that Scooter is long deceased, and cannot fetch. "I just don't get it," says Antony.
  • Mike Pelfrey, Motivational Speaker. Fresh off his prediction that the Twins would be, at worst, .500 this season, Pelfrey goes to local schools and inspires kids to achieve goals that are almost comically out of reach. "Pelf was amazing," says Meadowlake assistant principal Tim Doering. "He came in and told our 5th-graders that he believed in them so much, and they could go out to the bus garage and drive the buses themselves. The kids were so excited that they charged right out there to do it. Our attorneys say they haven't seen this many lawsuits in one school district since Rosemount built that playground out of asbestos and jerry cans."
  • TYLER MASON'S CONSPIRACY! The fresh-faced FSN talent investigates the mysteries and phenomena that the mainstream media just won't touch. Where did the giant milk jug from the Metrodome go? That's a question some are too afraid to ask, and even more are afraid to answer. Not Tyler.
  • Hair Talk With Brian Dozier. The Twins' up-and-coming second baseman talks hair and styling products as he basks in the soft-lit glow of studio lights that bring out the very best in his fantastic coiffure. Special guest Roy Smalley debates Dozier on the role industrial carpet glue can play on those gusty, hard-to-style days.
  • Aaron Gleeman's Anything But Baseball. The local baseball blogger and Honda Fit owner will talk about brunches, Tom Waits, women's eyes, beard maintenance, mothers and sons, his series of petty grievances against John Bonnes, GChat etiquette, pretty much anything, except baseball. So it's like his Twitter feed, basically.